Final Images From Glacier

Since Starbucks wifi is working nicely, I figured I should take advantage of this opportunity and add one more post today. I started  my day early again as usual on June 26, 2016. It was a beautiful blue sky, sunny day. Left the campground at 5:30 AM with intentions of hiking to the Hidden Lake Summit above Logan’s Pass to maybe see Mountain Goats. The local Big Horn Rams altered those plans a bit. Met them coming through the tunnel below Logan’s Pass on Going to the Sun Highway. Then a Grizzly Bear just below the Rams also distracted me for some time. Nice distractions! Finally started my hike at 8:45 AM. Met a nice 75-year old man named Dave at the top. Talked and made our way back down the trail. He encouraged me to slide down the hill with many others, even though I was carrying two cameras, a tripod, and backpack. You only live once! The parking lot was completely full when I got back down after about four hours or so. The dog on the bench at the KOA represents how exhausted I was after hiking with all the extra weight I was carrying!



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