Back Home In Texas

August 2, 2017. Returned home from Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Total road trip mileage for my journey to Alaska and back to Texas was 14, 113 miles! Took the image of the Ft. Stockton with Indians on horses silhouette just after noon. Some day I would like to catch a sunrise or sunset there. Kissed my traveling bear buddy, Valentine, for helping me get home safe! The next morning, I was greeted in our greenbelt by the little fawn and her mother. What a nice way to return home! Thank you to all of my blog followers for your interest in my photography and my travel adventures!



Travel from Santa Fe to Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Monday, July 31, 2017. First image of the rain showers developing was taken from a rest area on Highway 380 between San Antonio, N.M. and Cloudcroft. One of my brother’s cats, Fanny, greeted me from the window. Ran up the stairs for the self-portrait and spooked Fanny out of the window.