Downtown Tour of Ketchikan, Alaska

On July 11 through the 14th, I toured the downtown area of Ketchikan, Alaska. The first few dark images show what things looked like just before midnight when I arrived on the Matanuska Ferry from Haines, Alaska to Ketchikan, Alaska. Got a couple of different daytime pictures of the Ketchikan Welcome Sign. I took a couple different walking tours of the city. Some folks paid to take a trolley or bus or van shuttle to see the sights on guided tours. The Federal building to the right in the image taken from a road above the town is painted Salmon color. The second four floor building to the left in this picture is the Super 8 Motel where I stayed the last night of my week stay in Ketchikan. I have to tell you, like most other cities, some of the residents pile up trash of all sorts in their yards around their homes. I chose not to take photos of those scenes. I am always looking for the beauty in the world, including the beautiful people who take pride in their environment. That’s why you see images of colorfully painted homes with lovely flowers and signs like the one that just says SMILE. Because of the steep hills that remind me of the streets of San Francisco, California, some folks have to climb long stairways to reach their front doors. Ketchikan is a busy place with many visitors. Some shops like the one with the bear T-shirts posted signs saying they were short-staffed and unable to open for the day. I went back on another day to buy that bear with sunglasses t-shirt. Of course, I took the image of the Rainforest Cannabis store to show you the availability of marijuana in Alaska. But, look closely. I also was going for a reflection image of myself in the window. The Garcia’s Gallery picture reminds me of San Antonio, Texas. Can’t wait to get home to have some great tacos. I through in the totem pole information sign to educate you about the totem poles. Creek Street is a fun place to visit alongside the creek. Don’t forget to look up high in the trees behind the shops. You may see a bald eagle like I did. Take a walk around the yacht harbor for some interesting views of the smaller and medium-sized boats. And, of course, the extra-large cruise liners pull in and out of port for photo opportunities. I was told that the Ketchikan tunnel road and bypass is only one of two like it in the world. I was informed that the other is in Japan. I had to get the image of the Asylum Bar because I really like Jack Nicholson’s face in the window. You never know what you might find standing in a doorway. How about those jellyfish floating along the water’s edge? The final image of someone’s beautiful home and yard with the “Smile” sign is priceless! Don’t you agree?


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