Bears in Cloudcroft, New Mexico

The only bears I spotted in town were dumpster art bears!

The real Cloudcroft bears are rarely seen and are relatively small black bears that do not have access to much food!


New Mexico

First stop is Cloudcroft, New Mexico for a brief visit with my brother, Chuck!

Doing my blog posts from the Cloudcroft Library (Saturday, May 26th) where my brother works!


Traveling Bear Buddies

In 2010, 2014, 2016 and 2017 my traveling buddy, Val (Valentine) was by my side!

This summer, Val is taking a break from road tripping with me.SUI 52418 5026 Blog

In 2018, Val’s little friend Al (Alaska) will be by my side during my road trip to Alaska and back home to Texas.

Val is wearing the Alaska sweater.

Al is wearing the Texas hoody.

We will be leaving soon.