Grand Tetons National Park

On July 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2019, I explored Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. I took my usual self-portrait in front of Tom Mangelsen’s Gallery window with Bear 499! Saw a moose on Moose-Wilson Road. And four bull moose near my campground in Gros Ventre. When capturing the wide angle images of the Teton Mountain Range from Schwabacher Landing, I noticed the ducks in the foreground and then a sow black bear and her two cubs appeared in an opening at the lower right of my composed images! Can you spot the bear? Those are the Moulton barn images near Morman Row. Hiked most of the day getting trail images and the bonus bear shots near Jenny Lake.




Yellowstone National Park

On July 23rd and 24th, 2019, I drove through Yellowstone. Saw a grizzly about two miles away on a hillside! Can you spot him? I had trouble locating him. I almost always see a bear or other wildlife in the Petrified Tree area of the park. The bison were in Lamar Valley. Mammoth Hot Springs has the elk on the lawn in front of the hotel. I did not know I owned a coach line. Bear spray rentals at Canyon Village.


Headed for the United States

On July 18th, 2019, I traveled from Hinton, Alberta, thinking I would spend a few nights in Waterton Park, Canada. However, last September’s wildfires caused some major roads to be closed within the park. This meant I could not visit the bears due to restoration! Also, the Waterton campground had no spaces available. I camped a few miles before the Chief Mountain border crossing that closes at 10:00 PM and opens again at 7:00 AM. These images are mostly of my last hours in Canada. I crossed the border early on the 19th. I dry camped at Divide Creek one night and then two nights at the St. Mary/East Glacier KOA. I did not opt for the $1000.00 a night Deluxe Lodge that could accommodate almost a dozen people! There is no ATT service in Glacier National Park. Six miles away from my campsite, high on the ridge I could text and make phone calls. The bikers took a break across the road from where I was making my phone calls. Watch out for the cattle along the road when you enter Montana!


Travel from Whitehorse to Stone Mountain, Yukon, Canada

On July 14th, 2019, I enjoyed some more fireweed along side of the highway! I don’t like seeing these signs when I would just like to stop and rest for the night! I revisited the Sign Post Forest and took pictures to help folks find my signs in case they ever stop by along the Alaska Highway! This is my sixth road trip from Texas to Alaska and may be my last! I love the sticker on the Alberta license plate that reads “Alaska is my happy place!” More bears! This was my first encounter with a lynx in the wild. Too bad I could not get a better focused image through the bushes!


Travel from Valdez to Tok, Alaska

On July 11th, 2019, I traveled to Tok from Valdez. Went through thick fog driving over the summit. Nice restrooms with Fireweed along the way! Extreme fire danger almost everywhere in Alaska! This sign was in Tok. The air quality was very unhealthy my last night sleeping in Tok before crossing the border into Canada. It was very warm and poor air quality pretty much all over the state this summer! I went looking for moose and swans near the Tok area. Only found a rabbit! Thank you rabbit! Hoping for some fresh clean air on my trip home to Texas!


Photos from Stan Stephens Glacier and Wildlife cruise on of Port Valdez, Alaska

On July 8th and 9th, 2019, I took a cruise to Meares Glacier one day and to Columbia Glacier the next. Those are Humpback Whale pictures! That’s a sea otter and a fishing boat. Had to include the oil storage area where all the oil traveling through the pipelines ends up in Valdez for transportation to many destinations! And finally, the waterfalls by the Visitor Center!


Travel from Anchorage to Valdez, Alaska

On July 7th, 2019, I traveled from Anchorage to Valdez, Alaska to visit the local bunnies at the Bear Paw RV Campground! That’s fireweed all along the way. That’s Worthington Glacier and more construction. It’s part of the road trip adventure! One young bunny decided to eat and sleep under my trailer and van while I was taking a Glacier and Wildlife cruise in Prince William Sound!