September 28, 2015

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A great day in Yellowstone National Park with my photographer friends Peter and Dick.

It was a foggy and frosty morning.

We caught the sunrise over the Madison River.

Captured some images of a buffalo with a severely injured right hind leg.

Watched and photographed more elk in the early morning light.

Got some images of a Mountain Bluebird along with the elk.

Dick spotted a Bald Eagle and a Kingfisher.

Got the vertical of the buffalo from the back window of Dick’s car.


September 26, 2015

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The 26th was another long day of driving around Yellowstone.

From West Yellowstone to Madison to Norris to Mammoth Hot Springs to Tower-Roosevelt to Lamar Valley to Pebble Creek Campground and back to Canyon Village to Norris to Madison and finally West Yellowstone.

The bison environment shot was taken between Norris and Mammoth Hot Springs.

Construction along this route.

Elk pictures were taken in Mammoth Hot Springs.

Bison head shot along the road outside of Mammoth Hot Springs.

First waterfalls picture is Undine Falls.

Second waterfalls is Wraith Falls, a short half mile hike in, making it a one mile round trip.

The bison looking up at me was at the Petrified Tree pullout.

More bison near the Tower-Roosevelt area and in the Lamar Valley.

Aspens in Lamar Valley.

Of course plenty of bison poop.

Be careful not to step in some!

Saw Pronghorn Antelopes and Bison in Lamar Valley.

No wolves or bears for me to see except the sign of the wolves.

Found a Little Guy Tear Drop Trailer in the campground near Tower-Roosevelt.

More bison.

Full moon at the Grizzly RV Campground site.

September 25, 2015

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When driving out of the Colter Bay Campground, I was greeted by one of the local red fox.

Instead of following the Yellow Brick Road, you follow the Bison Poop Road in Yellowstone.

Just before reaching my destination of West Yellowstone, Montana, I was treated to a viewing of a bald eagle.

The last picture is me at my new campsite in the Grizzly RV Park.

September 24, 2015

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I left early on Thursday, the 24th and toured the grand circle in Yellowstone.

First, I took some images of the Lewis River and Lewis Falls.

LaHardy’s Rapids was my next stop.

Bison along the Yellowstone River.

The view from Artist Point of the Lower Falls.

Canadian Geese along the Yellowstone River.

And, finally the Grizzly Bear about a mile west of Canyon Village.

September 23, 2015

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On Wednesday, the 23rd, I stayed at the KOA Campground at Jackson-Snake River.

Worked on my recent photographs and updated my blog.

I washed and dried my dirty laundry.

I prepared the Element and MyPod for another part of my journey to the Colter Bay RV Campground at the north end of the Tetons just before entering Yellowstone National Park at the South Entrance.

When my friends Peter and Kim returned from a day in the Grand Tetons National Park, they shared some apples and cheese and a beer along with good conversation.

September 22, 2015

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My photographer friend, Peter and his wife Kim arrived at Jackson on the 21st.

Peter and I had a full day in the Grand Teton National Park on the 22nd.

I told Peter I wanted to look for moose first thing in the morning.

A bull moose greeted us almost immediately after entering the park.

Got to watch a coyote hunt both sides of the road in the Antelope Flats area, from my Honda Element.

While Peter was trying to get some shots of the large bison herd, I captured a quick shot of the horses in front of the Teton mountain range across the road.

We took some pictures at Oxbow Bend turnout.

Drove the road to Two Oceans Lake and captured the stunning Fall colors.

Took pictures of the barns that were being renovated in the Morman Road area.

I asked Peter to take a picture of me in front of Thomas Mangelsen’s gallery in downtown Jackson.

September 21, 2015

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On the 21st, I watched a cow moose in the morning on Moose-Wilson Road.

Captured the bird and pronghorn antelope on the Gros Ventre Campground Road.

When you see a “Road Closed” sign that just means it’s a hiking trail right?

Did not say “Private Property!

Captured the bison couple across from a horse ranch.

September 20, 2015

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Spent the day inside the Grand Tetons National Park.

The low in Jackson was 32 degrees and the afternoon high was in the low 70’s.

It was interesting to see the bison mixed with the horses.

Waiting for my photography buddies to show up!

September 19, 2015

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Spotted some Big Horn Sheep near the Hoback River before reaching Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The scrape I received in Colorado seems to be healing.

Staying at the Jackson-Snake River KOA south of Jackson.

The weather is great.

Lows near 30 and highs near 70.

Caught up on my blog on the 19th.

Heading into the Grand Tetons National Park early in the morning!

September 18, 2015

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Spent a lovely morning taking pictures at Maroon Bells and actually saw and captured a couple of nice images of a bull moose in the area.

Took one final image of the beautiful aspen trees as I was driving away from my campsite.

I decided to drive some of the over 500 mile distance from Aspen, Colorado to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I was about to pull into a gas station in Craig, Colorado when I was rear ended by another driver.

My new MyPod travel trailer was shoved into the bumper of my Honda Element exactly at 4:00 PM Colorado time.

Went to an auto dealership down the road and fortunately they were able to pry the two vehicles apart and replace my old hitch and ball at “no charge.”

They said just to remember them.

Thank you kind and helpful Victory Dealership for getting me back on the road.

There are good people in the world.

After over a two hour delay because of the accident, dealer repair, and police report, I drove north on Highway 191 to I-80 West until I came to a very nice Rest Area about 35 miles east of Rock Springs, Wyoming.

What an emotional roller coaster day it was for me.