September 26, 2015

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The 26th was another long day of driving around Yellowstone.

From West Yellowstone to Madison to Norris to Mammoth Hot Springs to Tower-Roosevelt to Lamar Valley to Pebble Creek Campground and back to Canyon Village to Norris to Madison and finally West Yellowstone.

The bison environment shot was taken between Norris and Mammoth Hot Springs.

Construction along this route.

Elk pictures were taken in Mammoth Hot Springs.

Bison head shot along the road outside of Mammoth Hot Springs.

First waterfalls picture is Undine Falls.

Second waterfalls is Wraith Falls, a short half mile hike in, making it a one mile round trip.

The bison looking up at me was at the Petrified Tree pullout.

More bison near the Tower-Roosevelt area and in the Lamar Valley.

Aspens in Lamar Valley.

Of course plenty of bison poop.

Be careful not to step in some!

Saw Pronghorn Antelopes and Bison in Lamar Valley.

No wolves or bears for me to see except the sign of the wolves.

Found a Little Guy Tear Drop Trailer in the campground near Tower-Roosevelt.

More bison.

Full moon at the Grizzly RV Campground site.


4 thoughts on “September 26, 2015

  1. Very nice shots. We are finally here too. Got the Bison and 4 Moose Cows but are on hold until wee are settled again, with our $5 Imax tickets if all else fails. The perks are tickets – not trees here

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