Travel from Prince Rupert, BC to Prince George, BC, Canada

On July 18th, after spending one week in Ketchikan, Alaska, I departed on the Matanuska Ferry from Ketchikan to Prince Rupert, BC, Canada. I departed around 2:15 PM and arrived in Prince Rupert about 9:45 PM. After driving off of the ferry, I sat in a long line of other vehicles coming off the ferry to pass through Canadian Customs, which took a very long time. Again, I was driving in the dark in search of a rest area to spend the night. When I later woke up, I found what a beautiful spot it was next to a lake. Down the road just beyond Terrace, BC, I believe a logging truck threw a rock into the middle of my windshield causing a starburst break that began to move in opposite directions. This damage requires a windshield replacement. My insurance company asked me to travel across Canada to have it replaced. I decided just to wait until I returned home to Texas. Spent the next night in an RV Campground in Prince George, BC and traveled on to Mount Robson Park and beyond.


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