Travel from Hinton, Alberta, Canada to Banff National Park

These images were captured on July 22, 2022. The first images were taken around my Hinton, Alberta campsite. Notice the windshield split is growing. I was thinking about how I usually don’t like to stop in Jasper, Alberta because it seems like a place where many folks go to shop and eat out. I decided I should first go to the Visitors Center and ask about interesting places around the area for me to visit. I was told the Maligne Lake Road would be a good road to explore, so I did. I really enjoyed my hike along the Maligne Canyon Trail with all of the lovely waterfalls. However, the mosquitoes outnumbered me there, especially in the forested area. At the end of the road, of course, is where I found the lake. It was quite a recreational area for families. I did not see the moose who were advertised to see along the trail. They have two nice places to get a meal. My next stop was a popular site for many folks, the Athabasca Falls. Finally, the last images were taken around the Columbia Icefield area. The last image appeared to be a large group that was part of a caravan camping in their very large expensive motorhomes at the Columbia Icefield parking lot where the very nice Visitors Center is.


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