Alaska Marine Highway Ferry Travel

On July 10, 2022, I traveled by ferry on the Matanuska from Haines, Alaska to Ketchikan, Alaska arriving in the dark in the early morning hours of July 11th. The Matanuska I was told had mechanical difficulties and had to be repaired in Juneau, Alaska which caused a 12-hour delay in scheduling. I originally was supposed to depart in the middle of the day. I did not actually depart until after 10:00 PM from the Haines Terminal. These images were taken with different lenses, and I did not take the time to arrange them in sequential order. Because I had to check out of my RV Campground site at 11:00 AM, I hung out in a rest area not far from the terminal building for several hours. After picking up my boarding passes and vehicle tags, I parked in a holding lane until we could begin loading onto the ferry. I spent most of my time trying to relax in the Recliner Lounge, when I wasn’t taking photographs. Much of the trip was during dark hours, which was somewhat of a disappointment. I arrived at my campground after midnight.


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