Drive Out of Denali National Park to Anchorage, Alaska

I was very cloudy driving out of Denali. Got some pics of a Ptarmigan. Because the Ranger did not want me to take a picture of my camper entering the check point, I decided to take a couple leaving the checkpoint. If you leave early, there are no Rangers at the checkpoint. I saw a busload of people getting off at a turnout known to see moose at a couple of ponds down below the road. When I exited my truck, I noticed they were all looking beyond my truck behind me. When I turned around, there was a beautiful rainbow framing my camper. It was better than moose, don’t you think? After leaving Denali Park, I noticed sun and blue skies. I pulled into the Denali State Park North View to a spectacular view of Denali Mountain. I also found a wonderful view of Denali at the South View point. I wasn’t sure if the mountain would provide a good view from Talkeetna, but it did. Finally before having a great meal in Wasilla and driving on to Anchorage, there was the opportunity to take photos of the bull moose. What a great day it was.

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