Wyoming, Jackson Hole, and Grand Tetons National Park Images

Just as I crossed the border from Colorado into Wyoming, a nice horse posed for me. My travel buddy, Benjamin Bear and I drove to the eastern side of the park to capture our favorite GTNP sign selfie image. I was hoping for a nice sunset picture at the Schwabacher Landing pullout. The one little puffy cloud that was there when I arrived disappeared and I only got the peaks and reflection as it got dark, no beautiful colorful sky. When I filled my tank that evening before returning to my RV campground, the price was $4.49 per gallon in Jackson. The price jumped to $4.59 the next morning. On Wednesday, May 25th, I captured a personal selfie in front of the window at Tom Mangelson’s Nature Gallery like I do every time I visit Jackson, Wyoming. The bear picture I usually pose in front of was not in the front window. I do, however, love the wolf picture that is there now! The image with the lake was taken at Oxbow Bend. The next image I took was from the Jackson overlook on top of Signal Mountain where a park ranger had just opened the gate when I arrived. The panorama image of the Tetons mountain range was taken from the Teton Glacier Turnout.


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