Friday, May 20th (Ouray and Silverton)

Since Friday night was to be my last night in Ouray before traveling to Estes Park to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park, I decided to drive the Million Dollar Highway again to visit Silverton and test my four-wheel driving skills on County Road 33. I picked up a breakfast wrap with bacon, eggs, and cheese at one of the few places open at 7 AM in Ouray. Then, I headed out to capture some Colorado landscape images. I took a dirt side road into Ironton Townsite, an old mining community. That was fun. I stopped by the Silverton Visitor Center and talked with a gentleman who had been living in Silverton for 18 years. Got a picture of the Durango to Silverton train at the station on 12th Street dropping off visitors and a couple other interesting images in town before driving to 14th Street to locate the Off Road 4×4 County Road 33. This would be my first adventure in the high country of Colorado. Stopped by Duckett’s Market in Ouray for some groceries on my return trip. Notice the snow flurries around my Tacoma truck. Took a picture of my neighbor’s motor home before settling in for the night. I woke up to a snowy environment and hit the highways traveling east and north. When I got to Estes Park I was told they had eight inches of snow overnight. The sun was already melting most of it. However, at the higher elevations inside the park I was able to capture some snow scenes. More images from RMNP to see in my next post.


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