Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park

The first few images were taken in Ouray before traveling to Estes Park. The Road Closed image was taken at the Many Curves area to indicate that Trail Ridge Road has not yet been plowed due to much snow in the highest elevations. Captured some of the snow scenes around the park after arriving on Saturday, May 21st. On Sunday, May 22nd, I woke up at the Estes Park KOA campground to clear blue skies and great views of the snow-covered peaks. Captured the peaks, including Longs Peak (Elevation 14,259 Feet). Took a couple of pictures in the Hidden Valley Ski area. Looked for the Big Horn rams in the Alluvial Fan area where the waterfall pictures were taken. They were not on the mountain side during my time there. Notice the knee pads I am wearing in case of a fall. I am being much more cautious this trip. It seemed appropriate to conclude this blog post with the panoramic view of the snow-covered peaks in the Rocky Mountain National Park.


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