Alaska Highway

On June 20th, 2019, I started my drive from Hinton, Alberta to Dawson Creek, British Columbia (The official start or Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway) and beyond! For the longest part of my Road Trip from Texas to Alaska, I seemed to be trying to get away from the heat. Since I left the state of Washington, I seemed to be trying to get away from the rain! You can see how dirty my vehicle and trailer got from the rain and construction with gravel and mud. This is my sixth road trip to Alaska. Each new adventure always has a stop for a self-portrait at the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory for a picture with my two signs (Jack and Helotes, Texas). After Fort Nelson, you would have to be blind or have your eyes closed the entire trip not to see at least a dozen or more bears along the side of the highway! They venture out of the forest to enjoy the lush green grass. If you are lucky, you might see other wildlife. You may or may not get some good pictures. You have to be always ready, not to miss capturing some interesting images! I still can’t believe I got to see that nice looking Caribou. There are more than two dozen Woodland Bison near the Muncho Lake area. These images were taken between June 19 and June 22!



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