Katmai National Park, Alaska

On Monday, June 25, 2018, I took a bear viewing flight with Bald Mountain Air Service out of Homer, Alaska to the Swikshak area of Katmai NP. There were seven passengers, including me plus the pilot. We first hiked along the beach where I took pictures of the bear foot print and the dug out bear bed in the sand. We hiked up a hill through a beautiful meadow of lupines. Bears take these trails also, as evidenced by the huge amount of bear scat. The bears pretty much spend twenty-four hours a day eating and pooping, with intermittent resting! While our group was positioned on top of a ridge, we noticed a sow and her three cubs far to our left and moving in our direction. My first pictures of them were taken at quite a long distance. AS one of the male bears began his approach, the sow began moving her cubs away and began climbing the hill we were sitting on. She brought her cubs beside right beside us to our left. The male bear followed her up the hill also;but, lost her scent due to the wind blowing away from him. Then, the male bear walked down the hill and continued to eat the sedge grass in the meadow. It was quite an adventure. Comments? Questions? Favorite images?




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