Homer, Alaska

On Saturday, June 23, 2018, I traveled from Portage Valley to Homer, Alaska! My traveling bear buddy, Al is the keeper of the driver’s snacks and drinks. Corn Nuts, Milk Duds, Bubble Gum, Root Beer, and Mountain Dew are some of my favorites! I checked in with the air service who will be flying me over to Katmai National Park on Monday. Then, I strolled the Homer Spit boardwalk and beach for some pictures. The driftwood images are for my good photographer friend, Peter! Favorites? Comments? Questions?




2 thoughts on “Homer, Alaska

  1. Hey Jack and Al, All I can say is WOW! I just wish I had the gumption to visit Alaska. Not like you do, but maybe fly up for a week or two, get a vehicle and roam around. I am so glad you decided to get the D500. Obviously you are enjoying it. That image of the wolf with a mosquito on it’s nose is dy-no-mite. Some others that struck my fancy were the image of the Red Fox and the Lynx (21 Jun), plus #1215 and #7621 of the bears (22 Jun). I did have a good laugh looking at #1555 (22 Jun) of the “protective fence” between you and that grizzly. Obviously, that bear is so content being where it is that there is no compunction to walk through that “barrier”. Finally, I really like the beach scene with driftwood #1690 and the lupine #1679V (23 Jun). I look forward to sharing more of your wonderful adventure through you blog. Continue to enjoy yourself, create more beautiful images, and above all – be careful out there. GOD’s love and blessings – always…..Dick

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