Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada

Monday, June 19, 2017. Drove from Glacier National Park, Montana to cross the border into Canada to spend a couple of days in Waterton Lakes. Camped at the campground in town. My MyPod allowed me to join the “common” folks using tents (No big motorhomes here)! The ground squirrels were also my neighbors. Don’t think they really like sharing their space with us! The deer are also apart of the landscape in town. A famous fixture here is the Prince of Wales Hotel on top of the hill by the big lake (500 feet deep in some places). Folks like to enjoy the water in the heat of the day at the end of Red Canyon Road. The lupines were out, starting to go to seed. Lots of people taking pictures of the flowers. Self-portrait for me, too. In Texas, this happens in March and April, not June! Bears, bears, and more bears (both black and grizzlies)! Moose, dear, coyote also. Some folks with big lenses, most with iPhone cameras.



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