Father’s Day in Glacier National Park, Montana (No Wifi Service)

Sunday, June 18, 2017. Camping at KOA St Mary/East Glacier. Going to the Sun Road was only open for the first twelve miles. Could not get up to the Alpine Visitor Center to visit the Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Grizzlies, etc. Saw a bear. But, no time for a picture. The red tent campsite image in Many Glaciers Campground is for Lara and Tony. Hope you enjoy your trip to this beautiful place. Hiked to Apikuni Falls. Saw the grizzly near this area. The bad news is I found bear skat on the trail. The good news is the skat was not fresh. Yes, Sally, I was carrying my bear spray. Still have not had to use it after all these years. Except to make sure I know how to use it! Reporting no falls for me on Father’s Day.



One thought on “Father’s Day in Glacier National Park, Montana (No Wifi Service)

  1. Yay, a pic in our fav place for us! Too bad you didn’t get to Logan pass or see the bears. I’m loving following you along the way!

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