Cascade Locks, Oregon Campsite

On August 10th I camped at the KOA in Cascade Locks, Oregon. Many folks travel in bigger rigs than mine! SUI 81016 744 Blog


Rose Garden Next to the Zoo in Seattle

Earlier, I forgot to post the pictures I took at the rose garden while waiting for the zoo to open. Added the Space Needle close up. Because it was a cloudy morning and they were not open to take people to the observation deck, I did not get to see the view from the top. Maybe next trip. These images were taken on August 9th.


Heading for the US Border and Seattle, Washington

On August 8th I took a wake up picture of myself inside my travel trailer for my grandson, Ethan. I pressed on to Seattle to camp at the KOA Campground in the registration lineup without electricity because there was a big Boating Event going on and no other campsites available. Saw some more beautiful scenery along the way. Waited in line to cross the border and be back in the states. Got slowed down in the Seattle, Washington traffic. Yuck! Notice the skyline including the Space Needle!


Hyder, Alaska and Vicinity

On August 6th I enjoyed Hyder, Alaska and vicinity! Mailed some postcards to family from the Hyder Post Office. Hyder is mostly a Ghost Town with lots of empty buildings. Bought some fudge. Valentine (bear traveling buddy) and I watched the salmon from Fish Creek viewing deck. Watched the bald eagle catch a fish for dinner. Drove up to the summit of Salmon Glacier for pictures. Bought some of the Bear Man’s (local photographer) books and DVD. Saw several black bears crossing the road. Most, I could not get a picture because there is no shoulder and few pull-outs.


Cassiar Highway 37

On August 5, 2016 I traveled down the Cassiar Highway and camped at a nice rest area. I checked into the Rainey Creek RV Campground in Stewart, British Columbia, Canada just across the border from Hyder, Alaska. Then, went to see Fish Creek viewing deck in Hyder. Then, went to visit Salmon Glacier.


Haines, Alaska More Images

On August 3rd I took time taking pictures around town after enjoying the bears and bald eagles! A little rain makes for a good laundry day and a chance to show off my orange umbrella. Many foggy scenes. Old transportation. A fixer-upper tiny home. A nice home with a wrap-around porch and lots of toys for the kids. A dog in a pickup truck. Water transportation and a totem pole.


Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada to Skagway, Alaska

On August 1, 2016 I traveled from Whitehorse to Skagway! I started out early as I always do. Left the Caribou RV Campground in Whitehorse. One of the best shower and restroom facilities during all of my road trip! Many folks come to visit Skagway via large cruise liners. They get to see the town in about three to four hours. I can stay as long as I like. Got the fireweed field self-portrait. It’s a lot like getting the bluebonnet field picture in Texas.