Yosemite, Hike to Vernal Falls

On August 19th I hiked to the top of Vernal Falls. Actual waterfall! Spring and early summer you see the most water in the park. I forgot to mention that when I hiked to Upper Yosemite Falls on the 18th, I did not know how far and strenuous the hike was going to be. Had my hiking boots ready, but did not put them on and did not bring water for the hike. A father and his two children came to the rescue and offered me water, which I refused on the way up; but, gratefully accepted on my way down! Thank you again! I did make sure I wore my boots and had plenty of water for my hike to Vernal Falls! Nice wide path, paved a good portion of the way. Lots of folks taking selfies. Some offered to take my picture, not understanding the self-timer option on my camera. Met many nice folks along the trails. The squirrel posed for me at the top of the falls along the edge of the wall with quite a drop off. The covered bandaged left hand is because of my fall back in Oregon when I was going to hook up my Element to my MyPod trailer! I must have gently bumped my trailer when backing up. It started rolling down hill. I jumped out to begin running to catch the trailer and promptly tripped over something and drove some sharp rocks into my hand from the fall. Lots of blood. Pain. Embarrassment! Relaxing back at my campsite after two straight days of hiking.



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