Anchorage, Alaska

Today was supposed to be rainy in Anchorage. Just cloudy in the morning. Partly cloudy with some blue skies in the afternoon. Did some laundry. Went to the movie theater to see “The Secret Lives of Pets.” The Alaska plane image was taken yesterday morning. Plan on traveling north to Denali National Park early on Sunday, July 24th! Hope the weather is okay in Denali for the next four to five days. I may wash my Element and MyPod this afternoon.


Ski and Hiking Trails in Anchorage

On July 22nd, my wife Sally’s birthday, I went looking for the moose who range in the Anchorage city limits with no luck spotting any! I did; however, enjoy some hiking on some of the city park system’s trails for hiking and skiing. They maintain some nice flower gardens here also. There has been steady rain here in Anchorage all day since I finished my morning hike. That’s one of the big puddles in the RV Park where I am staying. The Denny’s restaurant is close to the RV Park. I stopped by one of the Anchorage Post Office’s to mail some postcards to family and couldn’t resist a picture of the distorted image of me with my umbrella next to my Honda Element. Happy birthday, Sally. I love you. Remember when we were newly married 42 years ago? Remember when you wore my leather hat during our trip to Big Bend National Park?


Flat Top Mountain Trail and Views of Anchorage

I’m spending a few days in Anchorage, hoping the rain in Denali National Park subsides before I travel up there! On July 21st, I felt right at home at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant before hiking up the trail to Flat Top Mountain to take in the views of Anchorage, Alaska. I love the clearly marked trail signs.


From Portage Valley to Anchorage, Alaska

On Wednesday, July 20th I got up early to drive to Anchorage to try to get through a fire area about fifteen miles south of Anchorage. I saw a young big horn ram walking along side the Seward Highway. There was much smoke and small spots of fire from yesterday’s larger fire where I hear that traffic was directed through one lane, very congested and slow moving. I saw lots of fire trucks lined up for fire management. I was pleased to get through the area and not be stuck in the southern part of the state since I already spent a good amount of time there already. The weather was sunny with blue skies in Anchorage for my downtown walk. I talked with folks at the Visitor’s Center and a National Parks Ranger about things to do around Anchorage while I avoid the rain in Denali National Park for the next several days. I had the photography sales person take a picture of me inside the store with some nice photos as a back drop.

Whittier, Alaska Cruise

Tuesday, July 19th I did a five hour cruise from Whittier to visit the Surprise Glacier. I had some time to explore the port town before departure to capture images of the community. The campsite sunset picture was taken somewhere between 10:00 and 11:00 PM in the Portage Valley Cabin and RV Park the night before the cruise.

Homer, Alaska Bald Eagles

On Friday, July 15th, when I returned to Homer from my ferry trip to Seldovia, I spent some time watching the bald eagles at their nest along side the Sterling Highway in Homer! Here are the results. Captured some of the action of flying lessons.

Day Two at Brooks Camp in Katmai N P

On Thursday, July 14th I made a second trip to visit the coastal brown bears at Brooks Falls! The first images were taken from the Bald Mountain Air Service floatplane. It was an overcast day. I flew over with Pilot Ricky this trip. We were told that because the winds were blowing out of the east, we would have to land at Brooks Lake instead of the usual landing sight in the bay. Nice pictures of Brooks Lake, the Brooks Camp Site, and the many floatplanes parked along the beach at the lake. Bad news was the long wait to get to the viewing deck at Brooks Falls, and me getting lost on the wrong road to the trail, and only two bears with a brief stay in the area. Good news was the sow and her three cubs that put on quite a show for the visitors. More bad news for me was the people and their smart phones held high in the air in my line of trying to get some good photos of the bears.