Healy, Alaska

The closest town to Denali National Park is Healy, Alaska. It is there that you can find the services you need (gasoline station, gift shops, places to eat)! These images were taken on the day of my arrival in the area, July 24th. You can order a Subway sandwich, etc. in the early morning to take with you on the shuttle bus into the park because the 66 mile drive to Eielson Visitor’s Center and return trip takes about eight hours! I love the pizza at Lynx Creek Pizza. There are a couple of lodges with nice restaurants also. I always stay at the Grizzly Bear RV Park about six miles south of Denali Park. You can only drive your personal vehicle about fourteen miles into the park. I took the picture of a bus at the point where a ranger comes on board and welcomes you into the rest of the park. The first 20 to 25 miles or so is your chance to see moose, as I did. The gravel bar below the road at the end of the first 14 miles is where I spotted the caribou. You should see many more deeper within the park. You should go to the visitor’s center to look at the park map and exhibits and also get your questions answered by a park ranger. Don’t forget to have some ice cream for that daily happiness.



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