Day Three in Denali

On Wednesday, July 27th, I visited the Denali National Park for the third day in a row. Each day in the park is quite different, as you can tell by the images I captured on each of the three days. The grizzlies were eating as many blueberries as they could. The first one showed me his teeth. Also saw caribou, moose, andΒ  that immensely beautiful mountain called “Denali.” It was another very good day! A great day to eat lunch and hang out longer than the usual thirty minutes a bus driver allows at the Eielson Visitor Center . You can stay as long as you like; especially if you took the early 6:00 AM bus. You just have to tell the dispatcher to assign you to another bus on the return trip when you are ready to leave. You can also ask to get off at any point to do some hiking. You just need to flag down any green bus when you have had enough hiking. The driver’s will not let you off near any wildlife. They must drop you off past the wildlife.



4 thoughts on “Day Three in Denali

  1. You look like your having a wonderful trip Jack, love the pictures you’ve been sharing, Thanks for that, enjoy the rest of your trip, I’m headed to Yellowstone in a few weeks, can’t wait

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